With your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Kits4Kids University, you will increase your project management, critical thinking and leadership skills. Plus, you can prepare yourself for a path to graduate school and a Master's degree.

Degree Focus
Your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will provide you with the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills you need to communicate ideas in a collaborative environment. Upon graduation, you will possess a practical understanding of these ideas and other important business concepts and skills.

Career Opportunities
When you complete your BSc in Business Administration degree, you will be prepared for a career in which a broad background and general knowledge in the field of business are requirements. You may choose to pursue a job search in business, to start your own business, or to pursue careers with local, state, or federal government. You may also consider a career in the following industries:

·Investment banking

·Small business management

·Non-profit organizations

·Entrepreneurial startups

Special Terms and Conditions

Successful completion of this program by itself does not provide licensure or certification in any state, regardless of concentration or specialization. Students seeking licensure or certification in a particular profession are strongly encouraged to carefully research the requirements prior to enrollment. Requirements may vary by state. Kits4Kids University does not guarantee that any professional organization will accept a graduate's application to sit for any exam for the purpose of professional certification.

You may choose to delve into other areas of business administration when you add a specialization to your degree program. A specialization consists of four (4) courses, These courses are taught online as part of your degree program. For more detailed information, see the Courses tab. Choose from the following specializations:

·Entrepreneurship / Leadership
Prepare to launch and manage entrepreneurial enterprises. You will increase your business and your technical skills when you add the Entrepreneurship specialization to your degree.

Add to your Bachelor with a specialization in Finance. You will bridge the fields of finance and business to gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical approaches of financial management.

·Human Resources Management
Elevate your Bachelor by adding a specialization in Human Resources Management. You will develop the skills and knowledge critical to effectiveness in this essential organizational function.

·International Business
Broaden your Bachelor with a specialization in International Business/Management. You will prepare to exercise leadership in a diverse array of international and multicultural scenarios.

Explore different ways in which marketing and advertising shape our modern business world by adding a specialization in Marketing to your Bachelor's degree. You will expand your experience with branding, research, and consumer behavior.

Transfer Concentrations
Use previous education or work experience to enhance your degree and customize it more closely with your professional and educational goals. You can transfer up to 12 approved credits of applicable coursework to add to your Bachelor of Science. Transfer concentrations are available in the following fields of study:

·International Business/Management



Human Resource Management

No courses in this category